Adobe Homes

Our mission is to give El Pasoans an affordable alternative to home building.
In doing so, we will produce jobs, contribute to our cultural preservation
and help keep the environment green!

Adobe is the oldest building product in the world. Read the History page. It is mentioned
in the Bible and is still being used today. Structures older than 600 or 800 years old still remain standing today.

With technology and products availability today, we are always expermenting with new
materials to help build your adobe home into the most innovative structure possible!

We pride ourselves in our ability to give our clients an affordable, well-built home which will be:

  • Warm in the Winter
  • Cool in the Summer
  • Sound-Proof
  • Fire Resistant
  • Durable
  • Water-Proof
  • Lab-Tested for Quality Control
  • Comparatively Maintenance Free
  • Economical w/Cost-Saving Features Built-in

Affordable Home Plans, Construction, Technical and Management support will be readily availiable to include General Contracting and Turn-Key projects.